About TV Triangle

TV Triangle is a networking group for the growing media tech industry cluster emerging in West London, running regular social and educational events.

Map and Participants

West side of London reveals a huge existing presence of media and tech companies, with TalkTalk, Sky and Virgin sitting at the three points of the tirangle. 

Tequila Triangle

Tequila Triangle is the networking group aimed at young media and tech professionals, running regular social events across the year.

Out of the Box: Meet the Judges!

Meet the judges for the TV Triangle 'Out of the Box' hackathon event. Together they assessed the individual and team presentations at the end of the event, deciding who has climbed out of the box and into the future of tv and video consumption!



Name: Dr William Cooper

Company: informitv

Position: Founder and Chief Exec, informitv


Bio: William provides thought leadership and advises on strategy and implementation around broadband and broadcast convergence. Supported by an international network of industry specialists, informitv provides confidential consultancy services worldwide. Previously, as head of interactive at BBC Broadcast, William operationally managed the successful launch and delivery of online and interactive television services for the BBC. A regular chair and speaker at international conferences, William is a recognised commentator on digital media technology and is editor of Connected Vision, available as a free subscription at informitv.com

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Name: Anna Cronin

Company: Channel 4

Position: Commissioning Editor for Convergent Formats


Bio: Anna Cronin joined Channel 4 in April 2011 in the newly-created role of Commissioning Editor: Convergent Formats. Responsible for developing future formats for the next generation of television, Anna is focused on exploring the creative potential of convergence.
Prior to joining Channel 4, Anna was the Development Associate at ITV Studios Digital Productions. Responsible for creative, content & business development for ITV’s brands in a digital environment. 

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Name: Matthew Gaunt

Company: Google

Position: Developer Advocate - Google


Bio: Matt works with developers & partners in Europe to bring applications and content to the Google TV platform. Prior to joining Google in 2012, he was a software engineer at Future Platforms, a cross-platform mobile development house. Matt earned a master's and bachelor's degree in computer science at the University of Bristol.

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Name: Bill Scott

Company: Easel TV

Position: Chief Operating & Commercial Officer


Bio: Before starting Easel TV, Bill created and led IBM’s Digital Media Consulting & Systems Integration practice, which delivered a variety of interactive TV, IPTV and Digital Media projects over 9 years. In this role, Bill conceived the idea of standards for broadband TV for the BBC (then called “Freeband”) and led a consulting project to validate this model. This later became the foundation for Project Canvas (now YouView).

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Name: Marina Kalkanis

Company: BBC

Position: Head of Core Services BBC Programmes On Demand


Bio: As head of the Core Services team at the BBC, Marina Kalkanis is responsible for the online media publishing workflow, tools and players.  A senior technology manager within the corporation, Marina has been on the iPlayer team from the beginning and has looked after metadata publishing, analytics, clip publishing tools, media workflows and the web media player.  Marina was the technology leader for the BBC London 2012 Olympics team that delivered the full 2,500 hours of the games coverage online on desktop, tablet, mobile and IPTV..

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 gareth capon

Name: Gareth Capon

Company: BSkyB

Position: Product Development Director


Bio: Gareth is responsible for product development within Sky's digital portfolio, he has responsibility for mobile application development and planning for Sky Sports, Sky Movies and Sky News as well looking at new growth opportunities for the product business.  Prior to joining Sky, Gareth was a founder of two digital start-ups and worked as a strategy consultant in the telecoms and media sector.

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Name: Stacey Anklam

Company: Wolverine Consulting

Position: Founder

Bio: Stacey is a consultant providing commercial strategy, product innovation and product development services. She was previously responsible for the Sky AdSmart addressable advertising platform at Sky. Prior to that she was Head of Product Management at Red Bee Media, where she worked on the first trial of the project that went on to become BBC iPlayer. 

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