The West London Media 'Triangle' Map

A quick review into the level of investment in media and tech on the West side of London reveals a huge existing presence here that continues to grow.  From a TV perspective there is an inner core with three out of the four, major pay TV companies in the UK (TalkTalk, Sky and Virgin sit at the three corners of the 'Triangle').

We have over half of the UK's broadcasters by number and a large number of specialist support companies including TV studios, pre and post production companies, ingest and playout specialists. We have new media based TV players such as Perform, IMG Digital and Showcaster and, with the arrival of various business incubators we now also have a growing number of media tech start ups here like Wazoku, and Grabyo.

We also have TV studios, with BBC Studios in Shepherds Bush, Riverside Studios at Hammersmith and the new Sky Studios at Osterly. These three all sit on the points of the Triangle. Further out we have Fountains at Wembley, Ealing Studios, Teddington, and Sheperton further out. A huge amount of TV is made here.

The Triangle organisation is intended to make sure that we all exploit the benefits of the cluster. Click here to read about the objectives of the Media Triangle organisation.


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