This article is intended to stimulate debate prior to the TV Triangle launch event on October 17th, not to prescribe any particular solutions or outcomes. We would welcome any input, changes or additions from interested parties.


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In our initial fact finding interviews, various participants raised the need to tell a better story about all the amazing work done to date, particularly with schools, by companies in the Triangle.  There was also a desire to co-ordinate on making sure that the TV industry can attract the best interns/grads from around the country (particularly talented disadvantaged kids who don’t happen to have a parent living or working in the media industry in London).

Skills - The TV companies in the Triangle need already invest time, energy and money in engaging with schools. Discovery’s schools programme, Sky’s Schools ‘Skills Studio’ and the Virgin / BBC support for Fulham’s Enterprise Studio School are just three. The Triangle’s focus around these projects will mainly be to amplify – giving more PR life to amazing stories already building up.

Interns / Grads - For many young graduates with parents living in the South East or working in the media industry, the route into TV is difficult but achievable through contacts, internships and parental support. The TV industry needs to capture the bright, talented graduates whose parents can’t support them or give them a route in. Once again, our research discovered a variety of programmes within the TVTriangle.


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