International Activity

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Nestled between Central London and Heathrow, the TV Triangle has emerged partly because of location, although many of the foundation companies were here originally for more prosaic reasons. However, our initial fact finding uncovered two strong strands to the ‘international’ element of the TV Triangle story – one ‘outbound’ and one ‘inbound’.

Outbound – Many UK companies within the TV Triangle are developing a strong export story – either through organic growth into overseas market or through acquisition of international capability. Individually these are strong UK corporate stories, however together they make a significant export story that the Triangle initiative would like to amplify through co-ordinated PR.

Inbound - Our initial review of the TV Triangle also revealed a significant number of US and European TV organisations that had made there base here, with more arriving. There is clearly a TV and tech / media skills base in West London that the TV Triangle has informally been offering to the world. The TV Triangle initiative is intended to build on, and support this.

If you have a company or initiative that would like to be included in this stream of activity please contact us.