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The final arrival of true convergence between the broadcast industries and the web is allowing for innovation. However, the initial investigation flagged up two areas where co-ordination between participants could help the process – tech/creative integration and standards.

Tech / Creative Integration - The emerging TV landscape is redefining the meaning of creativity, with innovation as likely to come from a web company as from a TV production company. However, it is clear that these two worlds will have to work together in the future. There are a number of initiatives to promote this cross-working in the industry including Channel4’s ‘Fuel4’ programme, and the BBC’s ‘Connected Studio’ initiative. The TV Triangle companies can play a part in supporting and expanding these schemes.

Standards – Convergence is also driving new programme, advertising and data formats into the industry. Initially we are seeing innovation on a ‘platform by platform’ or ‘broadcaster by broadcaster’ basis. However, as the industry learned in the red button period, it is impossible to convince other stakeholders to participate until industry-wide standards and formats emerge.

The TV Triangle is aware that other organisations such as  the DTG are looking to support TV innovation, with their TV Innovation Task Force, and we propose to support and enhance their activities, as well as seeking ways to find consensus and progress on all these issues.


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