About The Triangle

The Triangle is a networking group for the growing media tech industry cluster emerging in West London. The 'Triangle', sitting between the three points of Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith and Heathrow, is not intended as an exclusive geographic zone -  it acts as the focal point, or centre of gravity for the dense cluster of TV industry companies that has grown up between the West End and Heathrow (see Map here). As well as regular social and educational events, we are looking to do four specific things:



Various people raised the need to tell a better story about all the amazing work done to date, particularly with schools by companies in the Triangle.  There is also a desire to co-ordinate on making sure that the TV industry can attract the best interns/grads from around the country (particularly talented disadvantaged kids who don’t happen to have a parent living or working in the media industry in London). Click here to read more:


International Activity

There is clearly a growing outbound level of international activity happening here that people want to publicise (eg the TV industry is great for GB export economy) and also a sense that we need to keep reminding the world why West London is a great place for inward investment from international TV / media companies. Click here to read more:


Media Tech Start Ups

There is a general sense that we should be attracting start up media tech companies to work closer to the established companies in the Triangle. This can be to encourage innovation, provide access to mentoring, links to potential big client co.s and provide a focus for funding and VC activity.  This is happening without co-ordination, but we feel we can super-charge it. Click here to read more:



There appears to be a basic need to provide a mechanism for tech and creative companies to meet and work better together in this new converged world of TV. On top of that, lots of people also identify that there are emerging programme and advertising formats that would succeed better if all participants were able to co-ordinate towards industry standards that could be exploited better by the production and advertising communities. Click here to read more: