About TV Triangle

TV Triangle is a networking group for the growing media tech industry cluster emerging in West London, running regular social and educational events.

Map and Participants

West side of London reveals a huge existing presence of media and tech companies, with TalkTalk, Sky and Virgin sitting at the three points of the tirangle. 

Tequila Triangle

Tequila Triangle is the networking group aimed at young media and tech professionals, running regular social events across the year.

In partnership with IdeasTap Sky Arts Ignition has officially launched a series of 'Sky Arts Futures Fund' seminars in a move to pioneer and support breakthrough artistic endeavour in the TV industry.

Taking place in London as well as Dublin, Edinburgh and Newcastle, the seminars will be jam-packed full of application advice and networking opportunities. Local ambassadors will be on hand, sharing their expertise and chatting about what they’re looking for in applications.


These afternoon sessions will include a live Q&A with a successful artist talking about their career, how they established themselves as a working artist and offering advice on working in the arts, This will be followed by a panel of Sky Arts and IdeasTap staff members answering your questions about applying for the fund.

Click here to go to the IdeasTap website to find out more...

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