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TV Triangle is a networking group for the growing media tech industry cluster emerging in West London, running regular social and educational events.

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West side of London reveals a huge existing presence of media and tech companies, with TalkTalk, Sky and Virgin sitting at the three points of the tirangle. 

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Tequila Triangle is the networking group aimed at young media and tech professionals, running regular social events across the year.

Event Date: 22nd March, 18:00pm - 24th March 18:00pm

Did we change the way we view television? Definitely!


Out of the box logo squareThe TV Triangle is really pleased to announce the Out of the Box TV hackathon event was a huge success! The weekend long event proved to be  an amazing collaborative effort, hosted by the the TV Triangle in London, giving the TV development and creative community a unique opportunity to think the unthinkable, throw away the usual rules, and explore new ideas for the future of television and video viewing.  


Teams from Manchester Metropolitan University and BT are among the winners of the ‘Out of the Box’ TV Challenge. The winners received their awards from a panel of industry judges including representatives from the BBC, Channel 4, Sky and Google.

There were over 50 participants, ranging from individual developers and students, many of whom had never previously worked on television applications, through to a team of engineers from BT.


With less than 48 hours to come up with a proof of concept presentation, many participants worked day and night at iBurbia Studios, where they had access to an impressive array of television and video devices and displays on which to test their ideas.


Prizes  112

Google provided Google TV boxes from Sony to allow Android developers to create prototype apps, but contestants were free to present their ideas in any way they wished. One team visualised a 3D computer generated image of their proposed product. Another team came to produce a documentary about the event itself.


After a weekend of coding, creating and crafting presentations, the participants had just ten minutes to present their ideas to their peers and the panel of industry experts, chaired by William Cooper of informitv.





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Full details about the event can be found here.


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